Assistenza sinistri

We think that our application, "claims assistance", is a particularly useful tool. We therefore invite you to Download our application, with the pleasure of being able to help you where usually no one does.

Born from an idea of ​​Studio DiTre Service S.r.l, the road accident assistance app you were waiting for is here!
Completely free and easy to use. With a simple touch you can access a telephone assistance service 24 hours a day.
Infographic for the correct compilation of the friendly-statement, simple and essential.
Geolocation device, your location in real time. Ability to take photos of the accident with a dedicated folder for the archive. Emergency numbers can be activated with a simple click.

The service is based on the rapid assistance of a tutor during a road accident and has the intent of leading and sensitizing the client to correct behavior and to protect his person.


Download our apps or update your device.

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